Advocacy Groups Urge FCC To Investigate Data Caps | WebProNews

Internet con capacidad limitada? Se te acabaron tus 5 Gigas? Google y Facebook y otros “bajan” publicidad automáticamente que consume tu ancho de banda? Alto a los “data caps” o limitadores de consumo de información en Internet.  Internet es una herramienta para el desarrollo, no puede estar limitada de esta manera.

“Many ISPs impose strict caps so consumers don’t stream as much video on services like Netflix so consumers are forced to subscribe to cable TV packages that the ISP also conveniently owns. Such actions are not punishable by law at the moment, but proposed legislation from Sen. Wyden would make it punishable under antitrust laws.

What do ISPs have to say about all of this? They claim that data caps are incredibly fair, and actually bring value to the consumer. The companies argue that having data tiers allows consumers who only use the Internet for email can pay for less while those who use a lot of data can pay for more. The major flaw with that reasoning, however, is that ISPs are still discouraging Internet use on their networks when they should be encouraging it. The Internet is a major force of innovation and education, and data caps only impede that in the name of short term profit”.

via Advocacy Groups Urge FCC To Investigate Data Caps | WebProNews.

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