Fibra optica, ancho de banda: necesitamos el futuro AHORA!

En el Perú las personas con capacidad adquisitiva alta pagan US$100 por tener una “internet rápida” de 8 MB (pero las empresas proveedoras del servicio, en general, solo garantizan un 10% de dicha capacidad: osea, aproximadamente, 0.80 Mbits… pasenlo a kilobits… y verán que es bien poco).  Hoy una red de fibra óptica envia una pelicula de 2.5 GIGABYTES en CUATRO SEGUNDOS hasta la casa del usuario.  Ver nota de Verizon en USA:

“At the recent U.S. Conference of Mayors Winter Meeting, FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski called for the creation of at least one Gigabit community in all 50 states by 2015. This “Gigabit City Challenge” is intended to create a critical mass of “innovation hubs” where the ultra-fast networks will be used to develop tomorrow’s applications. As we migrate to a world with ultra high definition video, 3-D printing, tele-everything, multiple Internet devices per person and app stores with a million apps in them, broadband is the link that enables all of these capabilities. Verizon is supporting pilots and innovation challenges such as the U.S. Ignite project, Wireless Innovation Centers in Massachusetts and California, and App Challenges, to see what new services tomorrow’s technology will enable. Our new “Powerful Answers” campaign provides even more examples of the potential we see in the future.

A decade ago, Verizon laid the groundwork for gigabit networks when we first started architecting FiOS, our top-rated fiber-to-the-home service. We committed over $23 billion to deploy a fiber network that would one day deliver Gigabit speeds. At the time, 10 Mbps was considered ridiculously fast, and when we introduced FiOS with a top speed of 30 Mbps (much faster than anything available at the time), our technicians actually had to tweak customer PCs to make sure they could handle that speed.

From 30 Mbps then to 300 Mbps now, we’ve been ahead of the game in offering cutting edge speeds to large numbers of customers (17.6 million homes are now passed by FiOS as of January, 2013). We’ve already demonstrated we can deliver 1Gbps and even 10 Gbps speeds over the same fiber to a home. As consumer demands and needs grow, we can increase our speeds”.

via What Broadband Speed Can Do – and Can’t | Verizon Public Policy.

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