Cybersquatters Get Rich New Territories With Generic Domains – Forbes

Registro de dominios vs Marcas de Fábrica.  De vuelta al barrio.

“ICANN closed the application window for the new generics on May 30 and is expected to release the first batch of domains this spring. Trademark owners should scan the list and register their complaints by March 22, Ludovici said. Many already have,and brush wars are raging as companies and investors try to lock down generic names that some critics say should be open to all users. Microsoft, in a Jan. 31 letter, complained that companies seeking “closed” generics like .app, .jewelry and .insurance “threatens the openness and freedom of the internet and could have harmful consequences for internet users worldwide.”

Progressive Insurance, for example, applied for .insurance as a way to intent to “provide a platform for Progressive . . . to market to and acquire new customers,” while luxury-goods maker Richemont thinks .jewelry should be reserved for websites that “enhance Richemont’s strategic or commercial interests.”

The company raising the most objections is Donuts Inc., which raised $100 million to take control of as many generic top-level domains as it could. Donuts applied for more than 300 of them, including .academy, .insurance, .baby, .baseball, .blog and .pizza. Among others, Greece protested Donuts’ application for .basketball and the nation of Mali protested its attempt to grab .sarl, saying websites ending with those letters could confuse consumers into thinking it stood for the French business term société à responsabilité limitée. But Donuts suggested, perhaps a little disingenuously, that it might just as well stand for South African Rugby League.”

via Cybersquatters Get Rich New Territories With Generic Domains – Forbes.

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