JSTOR no recibe dinero del gobierno, mayoría de artículos tampoco.

“Research articles on the JSTOR platform are largely from the social sciences and the humanities, and generally were not “taxpayer funded.”

Some assume that the content included on the JSTOR platform has been funded by taxpayers and therefore should be freely accessible to all. Although there is no way to know how many of the millions of articles published over many years may have received government support in whole or in part, the content on JSTOR comes from a broad range of disciplines, predominantly in the humanities, social sciences, and field sciences. Unlike in the medical and other bench sciences, these disciplines are not generally supported by government research grants. The societies responsible for publishing most of the journals in JSTOR are non-governmental not-for-profit enterprises. Even if the research in these titles had been taxpayer funded, that would not eliminate the costs associated with digitizing the print journals, organizing the digitized content, making it conveniently searchable and accessible on the web, and preserving it for the long-term.”

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