Contributions for the Internet Governance Forum IGF

Contributions related to the Open Consultations February, 2013

  1. ICC BASIS Reflections on IGF Baku and Recommendations for IGF 2013 [pdf]
  2. Report of the Working Group on Improvements to the Internet Governance Forum [pdf]
  3. Civil Society Internet Governance Caucus on IGF themes and format and the way forward [pdf]
  4. ICANN Taking Stock of the IGF 2012 Meeting in Baku and Suggestions on Themes and Format for the IGF 2013 Meeting [pdf]
  5. IFLA Contribution to the Open Consultation and MAG Meeting [pdf]
  6. Index on Censorship – Input to IGF Consultation 2013 [doc]
  7. Statement by the Internet Rights and Principles Dynamic Coalition for the MAG Open Consultation on the 28th February [doc]
  8. ISOC Contribution to the IGF 2012 Stock Taking Consultation [pdf]
  9. NRO Submission to the IGF Open Consultation,February2013 [pdf]
  10. Proposal for the main topic for the IGF-2013: “New service-oriented approach in the world based on the Internet of Services (IoS) and Internet of Things (IoT)”. [pdf]
  11. Google thoughts on IGF reform in 2013 [pdf]
  12. Internet Jurisdiction Project some suggestions in terms of organization and possible themes for the 2013 IGF [pdf]
  13. IT for Change’s submission to the synthesis document for IGF open consultations, Feb 2013 [pdf]
  14. IGF 2012: The good, the bad and the ugly, Reflections from the Association for Progressive Communications on the 7th Internet Governance Forum, Baku, Azerbaijan, 6-9 November 2012 14 February 2013 [pdf]
  15. A contribution from the ccTLD Regional Organizations to the February Open Consultations[pdf]

via Substantive Contributions for the IGF.

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