International Internet-Related Public Policy – ITU Secretary General

En Mayo veremos Resoluciones 101, 102 y 103 relacionadas a la Internet.  Hechas por… ITU… están relacionadas al derecho de los gobiernos a establecer las politicas publicas para la Internet en sus paises.

“…we clearly recognize that public policy formulation – in all domains, including of course the Internet – is the sovereign right of Member States.

Concerning the Internet, this was made explicit at WSIS in Paragraph 35 of the Tunis Agenda, which states that “Policy authority for Internet-related public policy issues is the sovereign right of States. They have rights and responsibilities for international Internet-related public policy issues.”

I have strongly and consistently advocated two key principles:

  • Firstly, that Member States should adopt an inclusive policy in the formulation of their national delegations to ITU, so that all relevant stakeholders have an opportunity to participate.
  • And secondly, that Member States should carry out open and inclusive consultations with their stakeholders with regard to their positions and contributions at international forums such as the ITU.

… the fifth World Telecommunications/ICT Policy Forum in May, WTPF-13.   …WTPF-13 has been instructed by ITU Council to discuss issues raised in three Plenipotentiary Resolutions – Resolutions 101, 102 and 133 – pertaining to the Internet

via Speech by ITU Secretary-General – Council Working Group : International Internet-Related Public Policy : Opening Remarks.

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