ISPs Now Monitoring for Copyright Infringement ?

Steal a DVD at Walmart and get caught = $200 fine.  Download a digital copy of the DVD and get caught = $150,000 fine.  Is that reasonable ?

More here: ISPs Now Monitoring for Copyright Infringement | Threat Level |

Some comments to the news:  The true is the modern “Robespierre”s are USING TERROR as a tool to protect a  patent/copyright system.

I remenber those monks on the medieval castles… copying by hand all those books… they preserved the classics and the culture… and the disciples of Rafael and Leonardo made copies and copies of the work of the masters… what about copyright? Leonardo was thinking in getting rich just because he was the ultimate skilful painter?

The only reason the copyright and trademarks agencies don’t ask money to people that goes by street whistling his favorite song is… because it would be TOO EXPENSIVE to control.  A cost / benefit issue.

Well… Robespierre ends eaten by his very own terror.  Watch out modern jacobins! you can be real girondins… we are on the information society and that will change all the rules, sooner or later.  Freedom will rule because a cost/benefit reason.  New forms of business need to be developed.  Give freedom to the people.


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