Operators Launch LTE by their very own reasons

Mobile operators are working feverishly to upgrade their networks to LTE, and the main reason has nothing to do with consumer download speeds.

The telco EE (Everything Everywhere) launched the first LTE in the UK. The basic bundle was £40 for 500 MB per month. It sounds like a lot, but on LTE, it’s actually only a couple of minutes of data if you download data continuously at the maximum throughput. People theoretically could be consuming their monthly amount of data in minutes.For example, I live and work in the UK. Let’s say I travel to the US, to New York City. If I call someone in the US on a 3G network, say Miami, the data package that contains the sounds I’m making as I talk isn’t going directly from New York to Miami. It goes from New York to the UK and then to Miami. That’s inefficient, even for high-speed data networks. That’s what LTE will change. Operators will be able to offload roaming traffic to local operators rather than carry it around the globe. However, that can only work if there are systems supporting local offload, and more importantly, if there is higher level of trust and cooperation among operators.

via Why Operators Are Launching LTE (Hint: It’s Not Download Speeds) | ZDNet.

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