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Net Neutrality

Originalmente publicado en Not My Hard Drive:
A lot of talk has been going on lately about this thing called “Net Neutrality”. What is happening is that the FCC is considering new rules to allow Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) to…

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Here’s Why Killing Net Neutrality Makes You Pay Twice

Originalmente publicado en SoMeLaw Thoughts:
This matters. A lot. I’m not going to recap the wealth of discussion and debate over Net Neutrality.  You know how to use Google, so use that to find more information.  Or for the most…

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Is net neutrality dying? Has the FCC killed it? What comes next? Here’s what you need to know

Originalmente publicado en Gigaom:
The issue of net neutrality is back in the news again, thanks to some proposed rule changes by the Federal Communications Commission, changes that the regulator says are aimed at protecting a “free and open internet.”…

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Net Neutrality Important to Education

Originalmente publicado en Pilant's Faculty Senate Page:
Net Neutrality Important to Education We educators depend on the internet to communicate with our students, share files, and sometimes teach classes entirely through the medium. We depend on having a good…

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The Rotten Roots. Summary of Issues and Sources on Net Neutrality

  Origin of the problem The timeline of the Net Neutrality issue has been detailed here: ‘Wheeler said that peering is “an issue that we are investigating, it’s an issue we are very interested in, but it’s not the … Seguir leyendo

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2050: The Internet Odyssey. How we lost it and a way to get it back.

The Internet was replaced by a dual system created in 2014: a fiber optic network called “Net2Cash”. It has a speed of one hundred Petabits per second (equivalent to 100 million Gigabits per second or 100,000 million Megabits per second). … Seguir leyendo

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Odisea en la Internet. Como la perdimos y el camino para recuperarla.

Año 2050. La Internet ha sido reemplazada por un sistema doble que se creó en el año 2014: la red de fibra óptica llamada “Net2Cash” por la cual se hace un pago automático que se descuenta de nuestra cuenta maestra … Seguir leyendo

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